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fenix said:   green bay underated   2016-12-13 12:33:30
the lady phoenix are a top ten team, look who've they played. Their only loss is by 4 points at Notre Dame. #3 rpi and no other close games against anyone else
bobmed said:   Princeton   2015-2-16 12:4:0
RPI reports Princeton lost - not so. They are 23-0 and not 22-1
just a fan said:   fgcu-quinnipiac   2015-2-14 12:12:28
RealTime RPI seems to have missed that FGCU and Quinnipiac played each other on a neutral court on Dec 29th (FGCU won). Would think the game would help both with their RPI if it was factored into the equation.
chippy10 said:   Liberty women   2015-2-9 12:9:25
They are 18-6 14-1
skversyp said:   win loss record wrong for purdue 4-4   2014-12-12 11:33:22
skversyp said:   purdue wbb   2014-12-12 10:26:41
We beat Kansas last night 61-48
you have us as losing with wrong score
We are 4-4
upstate said:   Turn-Around!   2014-2-19 11:4:8
Has anyone noticed the turn around in the women's basketball program at Jacksonville St.Last year they third from the bottom in the RPI now they are up in the two hundreds a remarkable turn around.
psadna1 said:   Time to revamp SOS   2012-2-28 5:55:29
The SOS is a joke. Way too much weight given to lower ranked teams- ESPECIALLY in women's basketball. Take the current comparison between Notre Dame and Stanford. Currently, ND's SOS is 13th, Stanford 14th. Similar SOS, right? Wrong. Top 40 teams played? Notre Dame 14, Stanford 7
Top 20 teams played? Notre Dame 10, Stanford 2
And they are side by side in SOS? Hardly. Not even close, really. How much does it matter if the team you are playing is ranked 75th, or 200th? (at least if you're a top 20 team). Answer: It doesn't. Yet, in determining the SOS, the lower ranked teams are given way too much weight.
I would propose that RPI adds algorithm that reduces the weight of lower seeded opponents, the higher a team is ranked. The algorithm would have to be different for each sport- as the parity levels change, but that can be done- or it could be a fluid algorithm, based on fluctuating parity during the season.
chasmc said:      2010-12-6 21:16:49
so let me get this straight, Louisville looses only game to ranked team destroy Kentucky by 26. beat there foes by an average of 30 or 40 points and Kentucky remains 71 position ahead of the Cardinals. Please!!!!!!
craighandel said:   FGCU women   2010-12-6 11:59:14
After seeing FGCU projected to go 29-0, I'd like to talk to the creator. I'm a reporter and would like to do an interview. Craig Handel, The News-Press, Fort Myers, Fla. 239-910-5283
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