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lalsentzer said:   Misses11/21/2011win over Oregon state!   2011-11-22 7:6:13
bm373737 said:   Re:vandrbilt rpi    2010-1-18 10:56:35
Obviously not a Vandy grad with that spelling ("vandrbilt")...its all math and stats with the RPI, but if you are a UT fan, you may not know what that is. Vandy started out with two quality wins on the road in the SEC.
fan1 said:   Re:vandrbilt rpi    2008-2-11 22:37:36
RPI has nothing to do with where home games are played. You must not be a Vandy fan.
Stats don't lie. Let me guess - UT fan?
cardman61 said:   vandrbilt rpi    2008-2-1 18:18:17
can anyone explain who thinks vandy is the 13th best team in ncaa as rpi shows last time i checked the ncaa touney is not played in memorial gym
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