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Coo2cachoo said:   Re:Watch out for them hogs...   2011-2-13 11:4:41
RPI at 112 unlikely, but if Jelyll stays on the court, they win's possible. When they are on they look good. The Vanderbilt game, they were unconscious. They shot ridiculous and even outrebounded a bigger team. LSU pitiful this year.
timmoncrief said:   Watch out for them hogs...   2010-2-23 14:36:24
This is not the team that all saw a month ago as most don't know about the missing players. They will be a giant diappointment to a giant surprise come March.
gohawgsgo said:   Lemmme Lemmme Upgrade!   2009-1-8 15:30:47
I wish to slightly upgrade my previous opinion of this team. We might be a little better than I thought! ;)
sigpooie said:   Weeee're Baaack Go Hogs Go   2009-1-3 5:41:4
Having watched way too much basketball over the past 7 weeks, I have a good feeling that the Hogs are Back,, and should stay in the top 25 with the sec schedule we have. Inside is 30% better than last year and outside in 40% better most nights and 60% better in 3 games this year.. Numbers don't lie.. We are full of talent and heart. With a coach that knows how to win.
gohawgsgo said:   Razorback Basketball's future....   2008-12-29 15:14:13
is very bright. We are probably NIT bound this season, but we might be able to win enough in a down year in the SEC to slip into the Dance. Fortson, Clarke, and Henry are big time newcomers.
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