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salukis said:   it's still no too late    2008-12-5 10:1:7
we still have time to turn the season around. we need to win at Reno and give us a stronger RPI.
danesch said:   Re:dawgs keep rolling   2007-2-5 7:55:3

Today's rankings aren't out yet, but we should, no doubt be ranked. If not, then it's politics. It's mostly a popularity contest anyway. But it's a popularity contest we need to start winning. If we want start having more and more of our games aired on ESPN we gotta be popular.

With that said... yes... we beat Butler, at Butler, we should launch!!! If we don't win... nothing hurt... it's an away game to a top seed.

If we can just hold serve... we'll have 21 wins! They can't deny us the dance with that... even if we lose in the first round at Arch Madness. But... if were to win both our conference and the tourney... HOLLY COW!!! ...I am dreaming right?!!
rosing2r said:   dawgs keep rolling   2007-2-3 19:58:55
It is good to see the dawgs keep on a rolling. I hope they can carry it into the post season. The upcoming game against Butler should be a great test.
saluki32 said:   Mike Greenfield RPI has us up to 6...exciting but surprising...   2007-1-24 4:59:46
saluki32 said:   Can we keep rolling when we have to hit the road?   2007-1-24 4:58:40
danesch said:   Re:Creighton up 14 & N Iowa down 30, wow!   2007-1-22 10:35:37
...yeah, why does a loss in our conference drop someone 30 points. I mean, Our conference is the fourth best there is. Well... that is until yesterday when the Big Ten bumped us by a wopping .oo1 of a point. That makes no sence.

The Missouri Valley has beaten:
Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, George Mason, Xavier, LSU, Syracuse, Butler, Purdue, yet we continue to drop in the RPI???

If we were 4th toughest going into conference play, then why do we drop if we're playing each other?

Southern Illinois, Missouri St., Northern Iowa, Creighton, Indiana St., and Bradley all belong in the top 30 at this time! 4 of these teams continuously get votes for top 25 each week. These 6 teams have the talent to beat ANYONE in the country!

Why are we the #5 conference now...
-Big Ten has maybe 4 good teams. Purdue, Michigan and Michigan St. lost to everyone tough.
-SEC have KY, AL, AR, and maybe TN if they stop being wishy washy. Most importantly, I don't drink the media cool-aide on FL and LSU. You can't ride on last year's schedule too much longer. I'll start thinking FL is tough when they play someone tough. They barely beat AR at home with the football team's championship homecoming pumping them up.
-ACC has 4 I believe. I don't think FSU is tough enough. They too have lost to most everyone that's tough. Their only two big wins are to Virginia Tech, and the god fearing FL. (ha ha)
-PAC-10... they're legit. Alot of strength there. Probably 6 great teams.

I guess, it all comes down to the strongest teams in our conference have to stop losing to the weakest teams in the conference. We do that and we're back on top. I hope.
salukis said:   Creighton up 14 & N Iowa down 30, wow!   2007-1-12 21:31:59
impressive win by bluejays today!
gobearsnorespect said:   Bradley maybe next time   2007-1-11 16:14:37
Thanks for the win and the Bears will take the next one too.
danesch said:   Bradley   2007-1-11 11:53:38
Man oh man... what a hard pill to swallow. We played them the way we wanted them too. Nice and slow, with great "D". We just didn't drive to the basket or draw any fouls. We needed to go to the line alot more than we did.

The last few games I'm noticing the same things happening... we don't draw enough fouls. Afraid to penetrate for fear of the charge. It's very common for us to not even be in the bonus with under 2:00 mins. of play left in the game. That type of play won't win against aggressive bigger programs. We gotta get this stuff in check by March.

In the first few minutes of play, I felt very confident that we outclassed them. It looked like it. Falker didn't have his game on either.

We need to have a RUN of wins for a while... starting with Mo St. this Sat. I'd like to see the next "7" games for sure. Then we go to Witchita St.

We gotta win at home. Playing Mo. St. and Ind. St. at their house is gonna be tough.

Coach Lowery,
We gotta get 'em at home for sure.
I want Mo. St. BAD!!!
jdub22 said:   UNI vs Salukis   2007-1-9 12:41:34
I went to the game on Saturday it was a battle. I think you guys will be the team to beat in St. Louis when the smoke clears. Mullins plays the best on ball defense that I have ever seen.
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