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bearsmsu said:   can't believe it!   2008-12-3 14:57:51
I can't believe it our RPI is still in 40s!
ncaasucks said:   Re:RPI is a RIP   2006-3-13 14:50:42
as far as I know. This is the first time that #21 did not get invited to the tournament. We certainly got ripped off! I also feel bad for Hofstra!
gowinbears said:   RPI is a RIP   2006-3-12 16:5:32
Ranked 21 and not going to dance. What was the committee doing; how much was the den of theives paid? Air Force or Arkansas.
mo_st_bears said:   RPI is a joke   2006-3-12 15:53:7
if a top 20 RPI team does not make the tournament then that tells me the RPI means nothing
mo_st_bears said:   Re:none   2006-3-11 16:29:12
you are a joke for writing this.the ncaa RPI shows the bears at a top 20 RPI
markcall86 said:   Da Bears!!   2006-3-10 22:15:30
Looks good for the bears right now. They have excellent numbers and are in a tough conference. I say now that the MVC will get just the same or more teams than the ACC. That's right. Right now the MVC could get five as opposed the ACC's four. Finallly sone justice for the best mid major in the country.
Acute said:   none   2006-3-6 18:54:31
RealTime RPI is a joke. All wins for SMS are from low-major teams.
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