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coolie said:   Re:RealTimeRPI bracket   2009-3-11 19:44:46
well, depends on how it plays out. If there are more upsets, the at-large chance will be smaller, and I think RTR will take them off the board.
bluejay99 said:   RealTimeRPI bracket   2009-3-8 19:19:32
The latest bracketology has two teams from MVC, UNI and us. I think we're pretty safe!
Longwood said:   Creighton down, but not out.   2009-3-8 17:10:31
Jays got smacked pretty good by Redbirds. ISU's loss to Northern Iowa probably did more harm to Jays' chances for at-large bid than if ISU had won. BUT I think the Jays still have a pretty good shot when considering their fine record (26-7, second best in school history), an excellent season ending run (11-1), a solid RPI (individually-33 & conference-9) and about eight "quality" wins including over New Mexico, Dayton, George Mason and both ISU & UNI during their final winning streak. (ISU, as talented as they are, won't make it because of their weak non-conference opposition.) So, barring too many major upsets during other conference tournaments, rest easy all you Jay fans and look forward to a winning bid next Sunday for our team! GO JAYS!
iowactor said:   Whew! Big win tonight versus Wichita St.    2009-3-6 21:46:18
WoW! We almost let one slip away tonight versus WSU. CU dominated the first thirty minutes; lost the next 9:58; and one in the final two seconds with a shot by league MVP Booker Woodfox. As Altman said, we are going to have to play better than that to win the tourney. Happy for the "W" but it should not have been that close. GO JAYS!
iowactor said:   Re:Re:can they make it   2009-2-25 16:29:36
I am not as confident that CU will earn an at-large bid--even if they defeat ISU, are MVC regular season co-champions, and make it to the championship game of the MVC tournament. The MVC did well in the Bracket Buster weekend by going 7-3 but will likely be a single-bid conference. I think the selection committee is going to give a lot of middling teams from the Big 6 (especially the Big Ten, Big East, and ACC) bids. So, I am pulling for CU to win the MVC tourney and get an automatic bid...but if we do I fear we will still get a poor seed (#11 or worse).
ernie said:   Re:can they make it   2009-2-25 8:56:55
There in at large. They had a big quality win vs. Dayton. Dayton is a 4 or 5 seed in the tourney. If they don't win their conference they are a 11 or 12 seed but if they win it they are a 7,8 or 9 seed.
num1jayfan said:   can they make it   2009-2-19 15:57:2
Can creighton make into the dance without winning the tournament?
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