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huskfan said:   huskfango big red   2011-2-21 4:21:56
go big red
Hoops85 said:   On the Rise   2011-2-1 6:58:51
Huskers are a progarm on the rise. A great coach, some good wins and a great team work ethic. In a great conference they are clearly a tough team to contend with and are competing in every game.
tonemgub said:   Re:Watch out for Nebraska's Bigs   2010-12-26 16:55:56
Watch out Big 12 for the SOFTEST bigs in college basketball. They'll "pound you into submission" by bouncing off you/falling to the ground with the slightest touch, dazzling you with an overabundance of interior passing, dominating the glass at a 3 boards per game clip, and boring you to death with buttery-soft hook shots. You've been warned.
Huskerhoops said:   Watch out for Nebraska's Bigs   2010-11-12 9:44:14
6-10 245 6-11 250 6-11 272 & 6/11 320 we are going to pound some Big 12 teams into submission.
CRVol said:   Why does Nebraksa even have a basketball team?   2010-2-9 14:9:57
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